We began our journey in 1999, when there was not yet a single developed distance learning software and a Turkish distance learning content in Turkey, with the aim to contribute in a world where learning would be part of everyday life.

Our story began when we began to look for an answers to the question “Is it possible to bring information and education to the service of people through the developing internet technology, at the speed that the business world and individuals require?” Since the day of foundation, Enocta provides under a single roof all the technology, e-education and services that the institutions need for their training and development. All of these are carried out within the role and responsibility of bringing the most appropriate solutions to the customers, by closely following the world trends in the field of education and technology.


Enocta’s mission is to transform learning into the “New Generation Learning” in the world which is digitalizing with Industry 4.0. The five components of the New Generation Learning are as follows:

  • Performance Focused Learning
  • Rich Learning Tools
  • Technology Assisted Learning
  • Social Learning Process (learning from each other)
  • Individualized Learning


Enocta offers rich content, facilitating technology and effective design services for institutions’ training and development activities.


Rich Content
• Enocta Development Catalogue
o Enocta Training Catalogue
o Skillsoft Catalogue
o Foreign Language Trainings
• New Generation Custom Content Solutions
• Content Partners

Facilitating Technology
• Enocta Learning Platform (EEP)
• Virtual Classroom
• Video Platform
• Technology Platform Partners

• Integration
• Operation Support
• Education Portal Design
• Introduction and Promotion Activities


Enocta delivers products and services to its customers through the New Generation Learning approach, which is perceived as the future of learning process.

All the institutions and organizations that are adopting a new generation learning approach with Enocta will have access to:

• An infrastructure able to manage all the training and development activities from a single platform (Enocta Education Platform is Turkey’s most widely used learning management system.)
• Materials containing lectures of high brand value subject matter experts, well-known in Turkey and in the world (+3000 in Turkish, +60.000 in English)
• Tailored content design that suits the specific needs of any institution (+2500 different tailored content)
• Different technological tools that contribute to learning,
• Tools and competence to produce your own content

While offering all this, Enocta analyses the institution’s needs, existing training activities, processes and its technical infrastructure with a consultancy approach and produces the most appropriate integrated solution for the institution.


Sales and Business Development
The Sales and Business Development Team determines the basic needs of the institution, the strategies, values and priorities of the institution and formulates the appropriate solution proposal.
Customer Success Management
Suggested solutions are analysed by Customer Success Managers, who 
• Position,
• Implement in the most appropriate manner.
• Determine the project success criteria.
• Follow through reports.
• Develop orientation and improvement recommendations.

Product Management
Both software and content product management;
• Add innovations to products and make improvements in line with global trends and general needs reported by the customers.
• Determine the product strategies and road maps according to these strategies.
• Establish technical integration architecture that the institution needs.
• Discover new, high brand value products and business partners that will contribute to the product.

Technical Support
Our Technical Support Team provides support via phone or e-mail, any time the institute needs. In addition to this, it collaborates with institution’s teams in system integration projects and data transfer processes.
Software and Content Development
At the phase of products development, we work with 2 different teams, experienced in both software and content products, to realize continuously evolving new generation products and features.

Business Partners
Thanks to the content marketplace and technology platform partnership strategy, we have developed products and solutions together with more than 30 partners.