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Introduce your business the end to end learning experience. Let your in-house trainings reach the top with our digital transformation solutions.
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When it comes to Digital Learning, you do not know where to start or look for different solutions?

Enocta prepares individuals and businesses by offering technological solutions based on the needs for development
and digital training that can be freely accessed.
We are with you with Enocta Experience Architecture
Offers solutions that work for your development needs, configures solutions and commissions them with ease. We will offer help to constantly monitor and evaluate with our platform.
We will be there at every step during the project.
Your Reliable Solution Partner in Digital Learning!
Enocta, Turkey's leading company in remote learning, with 20 years of experience, a large portfolio of solutions and strong partners, offers services both locally and internationally to more than 3 million employees, over 500 institutions in 20 different sectors with learning technologies for their development needs.
We are ready to achieve your needs.
The story of Enocta is the story of digital learning in Turkey.
The story is changing!
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A delightful learning environment that knows you
Enocta Platform is a learning experience platform that streamlines your corporate academy's digital transformation process in which you can plan, monitor and report your partners' or vendors' training and development processes.
Enocta Platform allows you to manage different learning processes and methods such as digital learning and in-class learning. Offers your employees a holistic learning experience.
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Personal Content
Ability to create and issue your own content
Rich Learner Experience
Video Streaming Service
Safety Tests, Compliance to Regulations via GDPR
Enhanced Searching, Favorites list, Control Video Streaming Speed
Easy Integration, Adoption to Corporate Identity
Digital Evaluation, Enhanced Reporting and Learning Analytics
New Interfaces, AI Supported Development Recommendations
Social Groups, Dramatization and Motivation with Fun
Multiple Language Support
Cloud Solution
Cloud solution, unlimited storage, bandwidth
Reminders, Notifications and Automated Messages
Unlimited content, unconditional learning
Enocta Catalogue is a free and authentic development source consisting thousands of digital content that employees can benefit through their entire development processes.
It is prepared to support the development of skills that will carry the businesss to the future and ensure the employees to gain the skills of the 21st century. Enocta Catalogue is the most efficient development solution ensuring corporate ROI.
3 Million+
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Basic and Premium Package for Different Requirements
Up-to-date Content
Latest Trends, Compelling Content, Daily Increased Content
More than 100 Proficiency and Subject in 5 Main Category
More than 40 Partners for Content Creation
Equal Opportunity in Development and Constant Progress
Digital Content Variety Supporting All Learning Styles
Solutions based on Life Interests Focusing on Horizontal and Vertical Skills
Unlimited Access for Annual Subscription
Enriched Content
Rich Sources for Our Curations
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Have you experienced our
E. Mobile Plus Application?
You can access all digital development content provided by Enocta Platform, anytime, anywhere with our mobile application.
E.mobil+ is ready for your employees to use with its brand new, dynamic and user-friendly interface. Enocta Platform users can download our application from the App Store or Google Play and start using it immediately.
Our Clients
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During this journey that we started together 20 years ago, we learned, experienced and improved together with the strength and support of our clients. Now it is time to move forward for the better...
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Experience Enocta solutions to be "the best" today and “beyond the best” tomorrow!
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The Story of Enocta is the Story of Digital Learning in Turkey.
In 1999, when there was no remote education software developed in Turkey or Turkish remote training content, we started our journey for a world where information is accessible by anyone, and learning is part of the daily life.
When we decided to answer the question; "Is it possible to provide knowledge and training to people at desired speed with the increasingly progressing internet technology?" Our story has begun. From the first day, Enocta offers the training technology solutions that institutions require in terms of education and development under one solution.
Established in ODTÜ Teknokent
The First Local Education Management System
Got the name Enocta
First International and EU Projects
First Online Education Catalogue
100. Client
Collaboration with World Digital Learning Giant Skillsoft
Mobile Learning Application
Social Learning Modul
Endeavour Entrepreneur
EEP Foreign Language Interface
One-Stop Training Management
Development Journeys
Online Catalogue
New Learning Experience Platform: Enocta Platform
New Mobile Application: Enocta Mobile Plus